What do you do after a car accident?  What should you do if you get into a car accident? Should you call the police or handle the insurance claim privately? Should you seek medical care and if so, how much time do you have to get medical care? What payments can you claim?  Should you deal with the insurance company yourself or seek legal help?  And What kind of insurance should you have to protect yourself and your family?

Leonardo Concepcion of the Concepcion Law Firm answers these questions and much more. Watch the full video above. After watching the video, you’ll realize that Legal Help is essential should you ever get into a personal injury accident.  You’ll also learn a lot more about the kind of insurance you need to provide you the best protection.

Concepcion Law

After serving his country as a Marine, Leonardo Concepcion shifted his career into law.  Leonardo Concepcion worked as an attorney for the insurance companies before setting up his own law firm to help out people who are hurt in an accident.

Concepcion Law just recently moved their office from Virginia Gardens to Miami Springs. They’re located on NW 36th Street and South Drive.  (Across from the IHOP.  In the same building as Barry’s Cleaners.)

The Law Firm works on the following legal cases:

  • Personal Injury
  • Federal Criminal Defense
  • Business Litigation
  • NEW:  Commercial and Residential Real Estate Closings

Mr. Concepcion loves our Miami Springs Community and is here to help you out no matter what legal issue you may find yourself in.  They want to serve you as the Hometown Attorney.  If they can’t help you directly with your legal matter, they will refer you to an experienced attorney that can assist you with your specific legal challenge.

5245 NW 36th Street, Suite 230
Miami Springs, Florida 33166



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