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Client Testimonials

Mr. Concepcion is a very experienced attorney with an amazing work ethic. He worked hard to ensure that I was not taken advantage of and completely turned my situation around. His knowledge of the law and the legal process is second to none. I am absolutely sure that my case would not have had the same results without him.


Leonardo Concepcion is an attorney who goes above and beyond for his client and anyone who may reach out for advice. Mr. Concepcion will answer, any and all, questions that an individual may face in various fields of law. I needed advice in the criminal field and Mr. Concepcion provided me answers to any question that I had. Mr. Concepcion is extremely knowledgeable in both state (FL) and federal law. I also needed advice for Personal Injury. Mr. Concepcion explained the best types of policies for myself and my family. He broke down each and every available automobile insurance option and made sure that I was protected. I learned new information and gained security, for myself, because I knew that this knowledge could benefit me for the rest of my life. At all times, I was confident that I was protected and in trusted hands. Mr. Concepcion is someone who answered questions that helped me begin my own company. He showed me the proper steps I needed to follow which set me on the correct path. Mr. Concepcion is an amazing attorney and I know that if a situation arises in the future I trust the fact that I can rely on him.


I am very satisfied with Mr. Concepcion’s service. He was very professional and honest. I will definitely use his service again if needed be, and I highly recommend Conception Law. Thank You.


Leo is a great lawyer, his approach to the problem and how he walks you through the steps gives you comfort and confidence when you dealing with a difficult situation. He's a great lawyer because he is always available not only does he answer when you call but he calls you to make sure you know what's going on. Leo is a great lawyer because he knows the law and he knows it in the context of your personal challenge. Leo is a great lawyer because with him you get more than what you paid for. Leo is a great lawyer because he is loyal, he cares and he is always prepared. Leo will be my first call for any legal problem me or my family face. Thank you Leo I appreciate you and hope I don't need you again but if I do I know I'll get the best.


Leo handled my case in such a prompt and professional manner. I’m extremely happy with the service and I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends. Thank you Concepcion law firm!


Facing multiple serious felonies, and extensive incarceration, Leonardo Conception, and his firm made all the difference in the world for me and my family. My case involved an almost indescribable two-year court process, and a three-day jury trial, which ended in an equitable and very happy outcome. I honestly and sincerely thank Leonardo conception, who personally guided me all along, and alleviated many of my concerns and fears. In you, Leo, I found a true friend during this dark period of my life. I have no doubt that, without you, I wouldn’t be here today. And, because of you, I can finally say, with love and respect, that you gave me mine back. Your friend for life, Danny


Leonardo Is an educated and multi-skilled lawyer. It has been a pleasure working with him as my business advisor and attorney. He has been prompt and ethical with all of my questions and concerns. His legal advise and representation has been an asset to my business.

Kreative K.

I have worked in numerous cases with Leonardo from Concepcion Law, generally federal cases, and Leo has shown an exceptional level of professionalism. Leo has proven to be a trustworthy, informative, and attentive attorney on every case we have handled together. I would highly recommend and endorse Concepcion Law to handle any of your legal needs.


Leo answered all my questions every step of the way. I really got the sense be knew was he was talking about and felt I could trust him. In the end he got me an excellent result. I would definitely recommend to friends and family.