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Concepcion Law is prepared to handle local, national, and international clients. We represent clients from Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador, who are faced with federal criminal charges in the United States. While most of our clients come from Central, South America, and the Caribbean, we provide tailored legal services for clients of all backgrounds and walks of life.

We understand how facing criminal charges can be devastating on our clients and their families. Count on us to protect you and your rights. We have experience handling cases involving charges of conspiracy, international drug trafficking, fraud, money laundering, bank and wire fraud, and many others. We also have extensive experience in handling cases that involve Black Market Peso Exchange/Trade-based money laundering, structured deposits, and mirrored payments, as well as state and federal administrative, criminal, or civil asset forfeiture claims. Concepcion Law also routinely represents individuals in pre-indictment negotiations with federal law enforcement, such as DEA, FBI, ICE, and HSI.

Concepcion Law makes business disputes as pain-free as possible by handling every phase of the case, from pre-lawsuit planning, pre-trial litigation, and motion practice to discovery, on appeal, trial, and even post-judgment collection proceedings. Our experience spans across drafting, advising on, and negotiating contracts for business deals as well as documenting commercial relationships.

We work tirelessly to provide our clients with relentless representation to achieve favorable results in personal injury and catastrophic injury cases. This includes traumatic brain injury claims, motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases.

Leonardo E. Concepcion, Esq.

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