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Concepcion Law recognizes that being facing a criminal charge, whether felony or misdemeanor, can be a terrifying experience. We are prepared to help you at every phase of your case, whether you are currently under investigation, have already been charged with a crime, or looking to expunge your record.

We do not take lightly the responsibility entrusted to us – when you choose to work with us, we see it as our duty to represent you to the best of our abilities. We handle each case with the upmost importance and continuously demonstrate our dedication to our clients’ needs. Our successful track record speaks to our knowledge and experience in various areas of law, such as criminal defense, business litigation, and personal injury.

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Choosing The Right Law Firm To Represent Your Case Is An Integral Decision

It is essential to choose a firm that not only understands and listens to its clients, but also genuinely cares about their concerns and the circumstances they are confronting. At Concepcion Law, we recognize that those seeking legal counsel and representation are often going through a challenging and stressful experience. It is our duty and pleasure to provide our clients with exceptional service and the attention they rightfully deserve.

Over the years, attorney Leonardo E. Concepcion has successfully represented numerous clients in matters regarding federal criminal defense, business litigation, and personal injury. Additionally, as a United States Marine Corps veteran, attorney Concepcion possesses a notable edge. His years in the service enhanced his fighting spirit and prepared him for the high stress and high stakes cases he routinely handles. His accomplishments and talents enable him to stand out amongst competitors and other members of the legal community.

The firm that represents you must be able to prioritize your best interests. At Conception Law, we pledge to stand with you every step of the way. We will make sure that your rights are fully protected from beginning to end while achieving favorable results. With so much on the line, you do not want to risk misplacing your time, trust, and money in the wrong hands. Therefore, it is our aim to win your trust and confidence from the moment we meet by approaching you with honesty and forthright efforts.

With an office located in Virginia Gardens, FL, Concepcion Law ably serves clients throughout the United States and internationally.

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