Concepcion Law is a veteran owned and operated law firm located in Miami, Florida. We are a client focused firm that represents local, national, and international clients in all aspects of litigation and negotiations. Concepcion Law specializes in state and federal criminal defense, business litigation, and personal injury claims. Our success hinges on our extraordinarily thorough review of evidence, through our knowledge of the law, and skill in litigation. What makes Concepcion Law unique is that, unlike other firms which handle hundreds of cases, we only take on a certain number of cases and clients at a time in order to dedicate the necessary amount of time that each case requires—and deserves—in order to obtain the best possible result. At Concepcion Law we devote enormous attention to each case and give clients the attention they typically do not receive elsewhere. We take pride in keeping our clients informed on the progress of their case at every step of the litigation, thoroughly discussing with our clients and their families all relevant considerations in their case, and—most importantly—providing honest legal advice and guidance.

Concepcion Law recognizes that being faced with a criminal case, whether felony or misdemeanor, can be a terrifying experience. We are prepared to help you at every phase of your case, whether you are currently under investigation, have already been charge with a crime, or looking to expunge your record. We do not take lightly the responsibility entrusted to us – when you choose to work with us, we see it as our duty to represent you to the best of our abilities. We handle each case with the upmost importance and continuously demonstrate our dedication to the clients needs. Our successful track record speaks to our knowledge and experience in various areas of law, such as criminal defense, business litigation, and personal injury.
We have extensive experience representing businesses and individuals involved in commercial litigation, and we are prepared to handle national and international clients in all stages of litigation. We understand the comprehensive nature of business and are well equipped to handle breach of contract claims, negligence claims, and tortuous interference claims. We have first hand knowledge on how costly business and commercial litigation can become. Cost effectiveness is a priority , our clients goals and interest lead our strategies when resolving your dispute. We litigate cases in ways that fit and advance our clients’ goals while making sure our every action is oriented toward a successful outcome.