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Business Litigation Attorney In Virginia Gardens, FL And Miami-Dade County

Business litigation (also known as commercial litigation) consists of non-criminal civil cases arising from business disputes including breach of contract, partnership disputes, intellectual property disputes, labor and employment law disputes, and other disagreements in the business setting. If your business in Virginia Gardens, FL, or Miami-Dade County is entangled in business litigation, call our experienced business litigation attorney, Leonardo Concepcion ASAP! He will help your business resolve legal disputes with other parties and do everything possible to protect your assets and financial interests should your case go to court.

Hire A Business Litigation Attorney To Prevent Legal Issues

This is one area of law where it’s best to retain a business litigation attorney before any problems arise. Our business litigation lawyer, Leonardo Concepcion, can help protect your business from legal problems by identifying areas of your business that are particularly vulnerable to potential lawsuits, reviewing your contracts, documents, and business practices, and making appropriate changes to remove or limit your liability.

What If Someone Files A Lawsuit Against Me?

If a legal situation does arise within your Virginia Gardens, FL your Miami-Dade County business, our business litigation attorney can help you negotiate with the other party in the dispute, so that your case could potentially be settled out of court. Settling out of court is better than litigating it in court because negotiation is settled privately, keeping your brand out of the headlines. It can also save you money in discovery, e-discovery, expert witness, court costs, legal fees, and other trial costs. Plus, the outcome is generally more favorable in out-of-court settlements.

Once business litigation reaches the courts, it can take months and even years to resolve because it is typically very complex because there are a variety of interrogatories, motions, discovery requests, requests for production of documents, depositions, and requests for admissions. The case may still not be settled through the trial phase. After the trial, there may be motions for appeals and other post-trial actions that can take place. All this can get costly and cause damage to your brand due to negative press.

How Is Business Litigation Different Than Other Civil Litigations?

Civil litigation is typically a lawsuit between two people where the plaintiff is seeking financial damages from the defendant. Business litigation involves claims within a corporate setting that may involve disputes with other businesses, individuals, or even government agencies. Civil litigations typically take place in state court. Business litigation trials can take place in federal court, state courts nationwide, and other venues, including mediation and administrative. It can also be a class action, multidistrict or multi-jurisdictional litigation.

Our business litigation lawyer, Leonardo Concepcion is experienced at representing clients in federal courts, administrative hearings, mediation, state courts, arbitration, pre-litigation counseling, and other venues to protect your assets and financial interests. He can also help you mitigate the risk of future lawsuits, improve on business practices and training as well as taking other steps to protect your business and reduce your liability for years to come.